Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Answers on a postcard please

Proof positive, if it was needed, that it's always worth keeping your eyes open - even on your mundane walk home from the office.

This sight caught my attention yesterday (well it would, wouldn't it?), and I reckon it is a natural for a Caption Competition. There are no prizes, just the kudos of being a Smart Alec and making me smile.

So, if any of your clever people out there have any ideas, let me know...


  1. Suggestions received within 5 mins of posting the pic (amazing what a photo of naked male bottoms can do):

    "Ooooh, nice bush!" - from Welsh Fran, via FB.

    "Bike parks in Athens get more elaborate." - from Twitter Pal, Fiona Flaherty.

  2. Other entries to date include:

    "The keegan & hanson clone project was coming along better than anyone could have thought!!" from nephew Peter,
    "Male mannequins outside a women's wear shop? Shurely shome mishtake" from David Owen
    (both via FB)

    And not forgetting:
    "Isn't that car parked illegally?" - from Georgy Girl, who apparently wants to be a traffic warden when she grows up...

  3. "So, the first person to pick out the REAL guy in the group gets a date to the "nudist unite" meeting!"

    "No one wanted to be the first to break away from the group and run to the car for clothes."

    Obviously the continuation of the protest against wearing fur is getting a little "old".


    and on that silly note I just wanted to tell you that I've tagged you for a meme so ...pop over to my blog when you have a chance, to have a look.