Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Not such a poker face

No-one has ever accused me of having a poker face. Inscrutable is definitely not the word.

That makes me the world's worst liar - and a pretty lousy diplomat to boot.

If I'm talking to - or tolerating - someone I don't think much of, I'm told that contempt can be seen glaring laser-like from my eyes. And if I find something ridiculous, the guffaw I'm fighting to suppress is lurking in the wrinkles at the corners of my mouth.

On the plus said, what I lack in beauty, elegance and general poise is made up for by a pretty expressive face (my body language virtually screams too - often resulting in breakages, bruises and blushes).

It's also proof-positive that, despite the march of the years, I have not yet resorted to a visit to the Botox Fairy.
Maybe I should? You tell me:

"Oooh - freebies!"
"Me? Tired? What makes you think that?"

"Aaargghh! Handy tip of the day: Never confuse super-glue with hair gel."

A considered and mature response to life is the secret of my success.

"Am I fed-up, you say? Ya think?"

"What? ANOTHER bill/deadline/bus strike!"

"Now, you didn't really mean that - did you?"

Danger UXB!
"Deep down, I'm nice. Really I am. Please like me!"

This post was inspired by the lovely Tara over at and her weekly Gallery. I have been conspicuously absent from the Gallery over the past couple of months - I'm trying to make amends with this week's theme: Expressions.

There are bound to be lots more expressions, outragous and otherwise, at this week's Gallery. Check it out.


  1. What a stunning array of expressions! I love it! ;)


  2. Excellent post! Haha! I love seeing your expressions; you're right, your face really does have so much character. And you are warm and beautiful so give over "dissin'" yourself. See that, I said 'dissin'' which means that a cool person thinks you're a stunner.

    That is all.

    Becca x

  3. Haha, brilliant. Love your expressions.

    And like Becca said, stop "dissin" yourself.

    (I'm not so cool, but still...)


  4. Love that! Always thought your avatar looked very cool and collected . . . !

  5. Great expressions captured brilliantly - loved the commentary too!
    First time I have been to your blog - I'll be back!

  6. Haha. I'm loving this. Your expressions are great. Did you do self portraits or did someone take those of you?

  7. They're all my own work, Kate.
    The Ovver Arf takes terrific photos but never takes the pics of me that I have in mind...

    ...obviously his love for me blinds him (or summat like that).

  8. You are stunning. Now please put up some photos of you making weird faces so that we all feel better.

  9. Great stuff! I like expressive people - pah! to poker faces!

  10. Fabulous post! It's so much more fun talking to expressive people, I like knowing how people feel and seeing their responses!

  11. Great post! Love the expressive pics. My daughter would give you a run for your money too.. She has more faces than.. Now what is that expression?