Monday, 7 July 2014

Whiskered wake-up

Dawn Pawrus
06.55. In the morning. On a Monday.
Awake before my time. Refuse to get up before 7am. Roll over onto back and chill. 

Rude awakening as Stoopid Cat (perched and purring on bookcase next to bed) decides to leap off and use my belly as a trampoline to bounce beyond bed and scamper gracefully out the door.

Surprise attack and resulting clenching of abs wake the need to pee – hitting the snooze and staying put for 5 minutes no longer an option. Throw on nightie over scary bedtime nakedness (No.1 has a friend staying over – wouldn’t want to traumatise the poor lad!) and head for the loo.

Cat sits on mat in front of toilet, blinking serenely up at me as I do my morning tinkle.

These are the things they never show in TV reality shows, folks.

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