Friday, 22 January 2016

You Say You Want A Resolution?

Well, we’re now three weeks into the New Year and I’m sure you’re all well into your new clean living/gym bashing/teetotaller/good deeds alter egos.

Some of you are probably even halfway to sainthood, and even those who aren’t must surely be earning a vote of thanks from your arteries/livers/pet charities.

What you mean? “Umm. No.”?
What kind of an answer is that?
Where are the non-resolutionists of the world (Yours Truly included) supposed to seek inspiration and the occasional guilt trip?
What happened that smug smirk and self-congratulatory predictions of being “practically perfect” in every way by Midsummer’s Day?

Oh yeah. I know. Life got in the way.
It has a habit of doing that, doesn’t it?

One of the up-sides of being what even the kindest of people can't deny is middle-aged, is that I've managed to learn a lesson or two from life. And the biggest one is that, yes, it does tend to get in the way of our best laid plans.

That's why I don't 'do' resolutions.

For the first couple of weeks of the year, every year, I’m surrounded by friends, families and annoying acquaintances hurtling head-long on the “New! Improved!” resolutions highway, loudly tooting their special horns announcing their determination and good intentions to the world). But by the time February’s closer than last December, they’ve usually gone VERY quiet, and tend to change the subject when asked how their plans are going.

January is the absolute worst time to reinvent yourself, jettison bad habits or adopt new good ones. 
Joining the News Year’s Resolution bandwagon is just arbitrary. 
More to the point, it’s a sure-fire recipe for failure.

I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I’ve got the ironic t-shirt.

I’ve jumped on the wagon for Dry January (post-holiday blues, dwindling funds, miserable weather and depressing anniversaries soon had me seeking solace in the warm inviting embrace of a fruity Merlot). 

I’ve announced to the world my plan to get fit and maybe be Marathon-ready by November (a failure to ‘Mind The Gap’ on the Underground and a visit to my local friendly A&E Department put paid to that). 

I’ve even signed up with gusto and enthusiasm for NaNoWriMo (not a single solitary word was writ).

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not lacking in grit and determination. I’ve successfully kicked the baccy habit. I’ve banished meat. I’ve even managed to say goodbye to 20 kilos or more with a little help from the gym.

I just didn’t stage the equivalent of a West End of Broadway production when I did it. Nor did I start on a special day decided by the Powers That Be (whoever they may be), just like I’m not gonna love His Nibs Indoors that much more than I do today come 14 February. 

I just made the decision, when it felt right and I felt ready, and I did it. 

That's why you haven't seen (and you won't be seeing) any resolutions from me.
But, with luck and when you're least expecting it, you might just see results.

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