Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Blogging Re-Boot

It’s time for a kick-start.

It’s been two months to the day since I blogged anything here.
Two. Whole. Months.

In that time, I’ve become a year older, celebrated a fun but frugal Christmas with the people I love, and tried to get my head around the everyday challenge of being a grown-up.

You'd think that something from the past 60 days would have given me food for thought to share online - especially when I've been moved to words in the past by the likes of apostrophe abuse and the humble chickpea.

But no. Not a dicky bird.

That’s not what I had in mind when I started burbling away online. Though I doubted I’d be able to produce something every day like some of the more prolific folk out there, I thought I might make it on a weekly basis. Sometimes it dwindled to one or two a month, but never before had I simply dropped off the radar for two whole months.

Shame on me.

I could churn out a series of excuses ranging from general lack of inspiration, the dampening effect on whatever creativity I may have of the gloom surrounding the daily reality of many folk in Greece, pressure of work (the stuff I actually get paid for), or even the prospect of the menopause and all its joys kicking in now I’ve entered my 48
th year (flippin’ ‘eck, how did THAT happen?).

You’d have thought that the situation in Greece would give me plenty of material, but I've largely steered clear, 'cos (a) I hate blogs that go on and on about the woes of the world - they're boring and depressing after a while, and solve nothing, (b) there are already too many bloggers out there chatting about the crisis, and (c) I’m avoiding dwelling too much on it all, for the sake of my own sanity.

But excuses aside, the simple truth is that I have fallen into a rut, and I need to dig myself out of it pronto.

So, I’m setting myself the task of writing at least one post per week. And when I simply can't think of anything to burble about, I’ll dip into the pages of Fred White’s
“The Daily Writer” for a starting point.

I warn you, this may mean that I might start churning out a load of turgid rubbish, but if I do, please forgive me. It’s all for a good cause (I hope) – to try to get me back into the habit of posting regular blogs and back in synch with the groovy rhythm of the online community it connects me to.

So, please, bear with me. And stayed tuned...

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