Sunday, 29 April 2012

Living with 'Little Hendrix'

This last Sunday of April 2012 promises to be dominated by the remains of last night's adrenaline rush and the need to chill out. 

Why? Because, last night 'Crosswires', the band my teenage son plays lead guitar for, came first in an Attica-wide school and college band contest.

The band must have be one of the youngest of the 29 competing in the 'F*ck School Festival' (yes, I know, but what can you do?) and at 15, the ManChild was the youngest band member taking part.

They were great, despite some technical problems. They enjoyed their time on stage (and it showed), they had energy, they had communication with the audience, and a certain 40-something mum (a.k.a. The Oldest Groupy in Town) whooped, screamed and sang her lungs out. They were smart enough to vary the mood and tempo of their songs in their set, and (importantly) to include three of their own songs as well as covers of rock classics and a 'pot-pourri' mix of favourites. They finished their set with what is rapidly becoming their signature song and a big favourite with their loyal fans "Conspiracy". You can see it for yourself here  although (unlike all good children) the ManChild is heard and not seen, as he and his ghostly white guitar are lurking in the background. 

After finishing their set, they tumbled off stage with a mixture of huge grins, dripping sweat, self-congratulation and pats on the back. The air was electric and they were riding high on the post-performance buzz.

That buzz is still with us as we sip our Sunday morning coffee and look out the window at the glorious spring sunshine. As the Ovver Arf and I chill out and field congratulatory phone calls from all and sundry, our 'Little Hendrix' (as he's been dubbed by his bandmates) is still bouncing off the walls like a hyperactive goat that's downed 5 espressos and a truckload of Red Bull. My poor furniture will forever bear the scars of his post-performance enthusiasm as he improvises solos on the cushions with the drummer's battered and discarded sticks. Fortunately, we're more of an IKEA household than guardians of precious family heirlooms.

Guitar Hero on the PlayStation is getting a bashing, and we're on the receiving end of versions of anything from Pantera to the theme to Sponge Bob Squarepants, bizarrely stopping by some rock versions of Christmas classics on the way.

No doubt, some time soon, the adrenaline wave will recede and he'll sink into a teen torpor.

So, what do you reckon the chances are now of getting 'Little Hendrix' to buckle down and do his homework?

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