Friday, 4 May 2012

I got dem party political blues

It's just two days to go before Greeks go to the polls to elect a new Government to steer the ship of state either back onto a steady path, or onto the rocks. 

The TV is buzzing with the drone of relentless party political broadcasts featuring wooden performances from would-be MPs that few trust, and we're being bombarded with endless 'informed debate' shows. 

Although the Greeks are generally a highly politically-aware lot, I suspect that this time round, most of them simply switch off, change channels or take a toilet break whenever these wannabe Powers That Be appear on our screen.

I have no idea what result Sunday's poll will bring - most probably the need for a second round of voting to get a clear result - but I do know that we're all suffering from a chronic form of pre-election fatigue, otherwise known as:

The party political blues
(featuring sorrowful slide guitar and a tired, mournful vocal)

Woke up this morning, turned on the TV
Why I'm seeing ugly politicos looking at me?
Doing their walking shots, hoping I'll agree.
Givin' me sincere looks, saying "you can trust in me".

Walk out of the house and head for the train.
But waiting at the station, it's the same old refrain.
More party messages trying to dig in my brain.
(Don't they know their flyers are heading straight for the drain?).

Oh-oh, I got dem party political blues 
(and it ain't the booze).
Stop selling us your crap, and give us some real news.

All part of the system - red, blue, green, rainbow bright.
I wonder how any of them can sleep at night.
They got us into this mess, can they make right?
I gotta feeling Sunday's gonna give them all a fright!

Oh-oh, I got dem party political blues
(and that ain't no news).
Be careful how you vote now - enough animals in the zoo!

Woah-oh, dem party political blues
(whose agenda is whose?).
Just give us all a break, or we might just refuse.

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