Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Welcome back: Part Four of 'Witness'

Magda’s Journal: 30 March
In the end, I gave in. Of course I did. I let Jimmy walk me to the dirty old sofa and lie me down. I let him tighten the strap on my arm, and I watched him cook up the sludge in a teaspoon.

I knew what it promised and was ready for it—even the horrific heaving I knew would come afterwards. I’d lost everything. I just wanted to stop hurting, to feel like I was kissing an angel one last time.

I watched as he tapped the needle and gently eased it into the vein. A wave of relaxation swept over me, washing away my hurt, making me feel like I could reach out and touch heaven. Nothing mattered except my bliss.

I didn’t even mind when Jimmy opened the door and lead three faceless men in.

I woke this morning, bloody and bruised. I must have thrown up thirty times; there’s nothing left to bring up and yet the heaves continue. I feel like I’ve been used, turned inside-out and thrown away in the corner like an old burger wrapper. I probably have.

Then I saw it. Another package on the table with a handwritten note from Jimmy: “Welcome back, darling. This one’s on the house.”

(This is the fourth part of 'Witness - A modern parable'.
for Parts One, Two and Three.)  

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