Thursday, 30 March 2017

Inside the mind of a Modern Mental Rebel

Nikos Kapralos, a.k.a. Deejay Nic, buzzes with nervous energy, his eyes constantly dance around restlessly. 

Part of the breed of Greeks caught up in the country’s financial crisis, he is no quitter.

He’s the man behind the decks for Deejay Nic The Band, a genre-breaking group which features a signature Rockstep style combining sampling with live rock and dubstep performance. He’s also one of the leading lights of the Modern Mental Rebels™ (MMR), a non-profit organisation which promotes the independent Greek rock scene.

MMR taps into a rich seam of modern musical talent that does not fit comfortably into the country’s mainstream music scene. It cemented its reputation with its successful staging of the Greek finals of the Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB) in 2015, and again 2016. The MMR concerts started in 2014, and continue today. For each show, 4-5 bands share equal billing, giving audiences a multiple artist experience at an affordable price.

We asked Deejay Nic for his thoughts about MMR, Greece’s independent music scene, and how bands can take control of their own future.

Explain the concept of the Modern Mental Rebellion concerts.
There are no headliners. The bands have equal billing and help make the gigs happen. It’s collaborative, not competitive. We draw on the expertise of MMR volunteers to apply management methods to the organisation and promotion of concerts, and through that joint effort we give bands with a great platform to showcase their music and, hopefully, the audience a night to remember.

Can artists outside the Greek mainstream to make their mark?
Greece is a small market, where most people favour mainstream Greek pop or folk music, Even if you make it “big” here as an alternative band, it won’t be BIG. However, to attract labels or managers from overseas you have to make a buzz in your local market. That’s what our MMR stablemates, Coretheband from Crete, have done through their own efforts and with the support of MMR. They’re now preparing to take their first steps beyond Greek borders. Remember their name. You heard it here first.

How are things going for Deejay Nic the Band? What have been the highlights so far? What are your future plans?
We’ve only be going for a little under two years but we already done a lot. Our first CD, featuring two original tracks, came out recently,and we’re very proud of it. In terms of live performance, our 2016 appearance at the Zeytinli Rock Festivali in Turkey is hard to beat – our first time outside Greece and we played to 130,000 people. This is just the beginning. I always have my eyes open for opportunities for the band. The sky’s the limit!

What advice would you give young people considering a music career?
Being a great musician is not enough to secure success. Promoting yourself is vital. Aim to excel at both.

For more about the Modern Mental Rebels™, go to or

The first in a series of United MMR concerts will be tomorrow, Friday 31 March 2017, at the Crow Club at Sinopis 27, Ambelokipi, Athens. The music starts at 10.30pm and goes on til the early hours of the morning. 

For just 5 you'll enjoy the exprience of four bands live and loud. On 31 March, the line-up is:
Caught Art Delusion
Entropy Devine
Sin By Four

On 28 April, Deejay Nick The Band take the stage, together with Perfect Denial, Smolderhaze and Wash of Sounds.

The 26 May gig will feature Amantes Amentes, COUNTOWN, Ganzi Gun and Termatikos Stathmos.


(Photos by to LensMan-Nick, Nikos Paraskevas)

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