Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Afternoon delight? Don't think so

It's struck again. That apathetic malaise that usually raises its ugly head in the afternoon - and I hate it.

I hate the fact that I’m sitting at my desk like a sack of potatoes, studiously ignoring those jobs on my “To Do” list that bore the socks off me and repeatedly pressing the email Send/Receive button in the hope that something more interesting will suddenly appear on my screen.

ut so far, nothing. Tipota, nada, rien.
In short, sweet Fanny Adams.

If it carries on like this, I may be forced to have a go at that article I have been pretending doesn't need to be written, in the vague hope it will go away and leave me in peace. Yawn!

I always tell my son that people who are often bored are boring themselves – someone with imagination will always find something interesting to pass the time.
But the truth is there are times when - despite the best will in the world - boredom strikes big time. For me, that usually happens between 3 and 6pm. What Douglas Adams called “the long tea-time of the soul”.

Most people seem to class themselves as either Early Birds or Night Owls. But I think I qualify as both, as I am equally functional early in the morning and late at night. I seem to be up for most things the world can throw at me the minute I roll out of bed first-thing, but still can be raring to go after midnight.

Trouble is, there has to be an energy dip somewhere during the day and unfortunately for me it usually comes at a time when I'm being paid by someone else to sit at my keyboard looking (sorry, being) industrious. It doesn’t help that rather than being in my own little office with a door that closes, my desk is in the middle of a an open plan area which means that every Tom, Dick and Harriet would (probably) notice if I started snoring.

So, those hours between lunch and home-time (now there’s a phrase that really harks back to my schooldays) are anything but “afternoon delight” for me.

I just keep hoping in vain that my In Box will suddenly light up with a message from someone big in publishing or showbiz who wants to make me a star and gives me truckloads of money. That would certainly wake me up!

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