Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Ode to my Other Half

Today, my Other Half and I will celebrate his birthday together for the 21st time.

Yes, "It was 20 years ago today...." that I first wished him Many Happy Returns and all that. Mind-boggling.

Now, I think that even my Other Half would admit that he is not perfect, though there's plenty of things he is: smart; funny; frustrating; demanding; laid-back; quixotic; loyal; confusing; inventive; creative; complicated; generous; cynical; excitable; cool; infuriating; ingenious; original; kind-hearted; quick-tempered; borderline manic depressive; idealistic; capricious; fun; warm; sexy; cuddly; charismatic; abrupt; neurotic; clever; charming; hard working; lazy; talented; a challenge.

In short, yet another flippin' Gemini in my life (I'm clearly a glutton for punishment!), even though I don't really believe in all that astrology tosh.

He is Hubby No.2 for me - and it seems that I got it right second time round, even if I did have to cross a continent to find him.

My Other Half aint perfect - but he's perfect for me.

Happy Birthday, my love. I look forward to celebrating many more with you.

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