Thursday, 21 October 2010

Casting call dilemma

It was a grey and rainy morning as I boarded the train for work. But no matter, I was armed with my brolly and had my iPod set to “Random” to keep me occupied for the hour it would take to get to the office.

As I sat on the train staring out of the window at a rain-washed city that looked like it had been rinsed in acid grey, my eardrums were treated to quite a variety of sounds: Aretha Franklin, Douglas Adams, The Clash, Bach, Beatles, Placebo, vintage Peter Sellers and Tony Hancock, Stones, Handel, Stephen Fry, Jimi Hendrix, Rachmaninov, Mika, Mendelssohn, Moby, Frank Sinatra, Nirvana (hey, variety IS the spice of life)….

As we trundled past some of the more run-down areas, a beautifully simple but melancholy piano solo started playing in my ears. As I watched the world going by, I almost felt like I was in a scene from a movie (OK, probably a bit of a European, art-house type of movie in which nothing exciting actually happens – but a movie nonetheless). And naturally, that got the old grey matter rumbling as I considered who - if anyone - could play me in the movie of MY life.

Now, in the time-honoured tradition of getting much better-looking thespians to play real-life people, I would love to see me played by Uma Thurman (that loud THUNK! you just heard was the sound of those who know me - and what I look like - falling off their chairs en masse before giggling hysterically on the floor).

OK, Uma’s out of the question.

If I’m honest, probably the closest to reality would be someone like Whoopie Goldberg (apart from the small problem that she’s black and I’m - well – not). I’d also love to identify with the likes of Daryl Hannah (too slim and with too much of a glint in her eye), Diane Keaton (too petite, too sassy and generally just too New York ), Bette Midler (too Jewish and WAY too much talent in the vocal chords)… So, who?

I've come up with some of the supporting cast. Bruce Willis (before 'Die Hard', the surgical removal of his sense of humour and baldness) or Micky Rourke (prior to monstrous plastic surgery) could have once be good candidates for the Ovver Arf.

Barbara Hershey IS the screen alter-ego of my weird but wonderful soul sister in Brighton who is always there for me to “vent” to.

And Dame Judi Dench could do my mum a treat (though she’s have to grow her hair a bit).

But 'til I find the perfect leading lady, who is good looking enough to give my ego a boost without being so drop-dead gorgeous that all credibility is lost, the great epic that is my life will not be "Coming to a screen near you" any time soon…

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.


  1. I'm all for going for someone who you feel embodies your whole essence and spirit. So what if they don't look like you? Either that or go for Michael Sheen - he seems to be playing everyone these days!
    (By the way, this would make a great meme - might pinch it if you don't mind? Am suffering from blogger's block, so not averse to stealing other people's ideas...)

  2. Barbara Hershey? Really? Ooo... that's quite a compliment. :) When I worked on the Crawley Observer, the general consencus was that I'd be played by Sally Field. Basically anyone short, dark and a bit spunky would be cast as me - although I'd like Carol Kane, because I always wanted to look like her. :)

  3. Julie - sure, go ahead!

    Georgy - Nah, sorry, not Sally Field. Definitely Barbara Hershey: think "Beaches".

    I'm no closer to my leading lady. At this rate, I'll have to have a full service and revamp and play myself!

  4. I shall have to give this a bit of thought before I get the call from Hollywood. Wouldn't like to be unprepared.

  5. Demi Moore will play me in my film. She just doesn't know it yet ;)

    If she's not available I'll let Jodie Foster audition.

  6. I'm liking the 80s theme to your leading ladies! Very retro -how about sybil shepherd? winona ryder (or is she more early 90s?)? molly ringwald? My leading lady would be Janeane Garofalo from West Wing - cool and bitchy at the same time. And always in sneakers :)

  7. If I had to pick from the 80s gals, probably Cybil Shepherd is closest to my type physically. Character-wise however I'm probably nearer to Molly Ringwald.
    Coming a little more up-to-date, some possibilities could be the likes of Felicity Huffman, or Jennifer Saunders (she would also get the accent right).