Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Gallery - Better Red Than...

This week, Tara over at has given us a colourful prompt for The Gallery. It's "The Colour Red", which after thinking a little, I realised reflects some of my favourite things...
Like the mind-blowing colours of the skies for an October sunrise, after a night of rain.
The blatant scarlet of a poppy growing through the wires of a suburban fence.

The ruby-fleshed seeds of a promegranate, fresh from the tree.

That Drop Dead Red lipstick you save for 'special occasions'

Autumn berries
Food bubbling away on the hob

and some of the red stuff that go into it.

The gorgeous burgundy of a crab apple tree (?)

Mind-blowing bugs that look like they're decked out to play Roy of the Rovers
Yes, you guessed it - I love red!


  1. Brilliant pictures, my favourite gallery entry so far!

  2. that bug would seriously freak me out. I want pomegranate now, gonna have to find one tomorrow

  3. Nice to see someone else with the bloodlust red obsessive gene!!!!! (tho if I were to be reaaaaaaaaaaaally picky, I could argue the "food bubbling" one was too orange for my liking!!!)

    me xxx

  4. That woke me up all right. Thank you for the early morning assault on the senses! I love the poppy - they're just so fragile and yet so full of colour. A feisty little flower.

  5. What lovely pictures! And the food looks very appetizing. I'm starving actually, so I'll look away now.

  6. Ooh had pomegranite yesterday it was lovely. And the soup looks likes Heinz tomato which is my fave comfort food.

  7. Thanks for sending me the link, the photo is fab but, well, it looks like the eggs of something! I am sure it tastes great though *coughs* :D Jen