Monday, 4 October 2010

The ultimate summer cooler

Here in Greece, we tend to stick to fruit that is local, and in season. And these days, of course, that earns us double-Brownie points on the sustainability scale.

But have you ever thought why certain fruits are in season at certain times? Nature knows, you know.

Take watermelon, for instance. From July through to September, it features on our weekly shopping list, to be bought whole like a huge green striped bowling ball just begging to be sliced open to reveal the juicy red flesh within. It's sweetness itself, even though it's something like 90% water - just the ticket for the long hot summer days. It's the perfect way to polish off a meal and clean your palate.

But what I didn't know until this year was just delish it is as a juice - and for an added bit of pep, throw in a few sprigs of fresh mint or spearmint, add some crushed ice and you've got the ultimate summer cooler.

Just cut 4-5 good slices of watermelon, remove the skin, pick out the pips (or leave them it you can't be bothered, just sieve the juice afterwards), and zap it in the blender. About halfway through, throw in a couple of generous sprigs of mint (you can use dried, but fresh is MUCH better), add ice, then pour into long tall glasses with a sprig of mint delicately balanced on the rim.

Roll on summer...


  1. I adore watermelon. Never been able to eat a whole one, though, and I thought I had a good appetite. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. That sounds so refreshing! Ooooo yum! Can't wait to try it. I'm afraid I'll have to though *Sobs* at least til next Summer.

    Becca x

  3. Fran, I don't think ANYONE could eat a whole watermelon in a single sitting. Have you seen the size of them?
    What we is to cut it into slices or chunks (wihtout the skin) and store it in an airtight plastic or glass container in the fridge so we can help ourselves as and whenever we feel the need.

  4. I completely LOVE watermelon--but not in the UK. You can taste the watery, semi-flavour of being imported. Living in Oklahoma I remember watermelons the size of pillows (nearly) and they were the most beautiful, wonderful things ever. I'll bet they are equally amazing in Greece.

    I had watermelon juice for the first time in Seville a few years ago and loved it!