Thursday, 21 May 2009

Reasons to be cheerful

The late, great Ian Dury, who – though no stranger to suffering – found enough causes for happiness to inspire a memorable (at least to me) song…

Dury, who lived with the after-effects of the polio he contracted as a child, died of cancer in 2000. Together with his band, The Blockheads, he is probably best remembered by most for “Hit me with your rhythm stick”. But my personal favourite is his bitter-sweet hymn to happiness "Reasons to be cheerful, Part 3".

I wish I could come up with an equally brilliant list, but let’s face it, I’m no Ian Dury. But that doesn’t mean I can't be inspired by the irrepressible spirit and cockney humour of a man that had few favours dealt out to him, but who still felt it was worth paying tribute to some of the small pleasures of life.

So, with apologies to countless better poets than me, but in the spirit of looking on the bright side, below are just a few of my own reasons be cheerful:

Freshly brewed Darjeeling,
tanning without peeling,
finding you appealing
to touch.

Spending pocket money,

hot crumpets with honey,
feeling rather funny,
and toast.

Singing in the shower,
turning up the power,
the smell of a fresh flower
in March.

Acting rather silly,
gilding up the lily,
laughing willy-nilly
at jokes

A bunch of yellow tulips,
a dash of mint julep,
thinking about your lips
to kiss.

Not exactly art, I know. But if nothing else, all the above - and many more - are great incentives to get out of bed and face the world every day.

I am hoping that both my sister and Ffynella The Fragrant will share some of their reasons too, as they both have a talent for verse that I lack.

So, come on. I’m waiting!

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