Friday, 19 November 2010


My experiences as a transplanted Brit that has re-rooted in Greece make up some of the material that feeds the varied waffling that makes up this blog. I'm keen to read the experiences of other ex-pats who have settled far from home, so have connected with a few other transplantees through their blogs.

To make things easier for me (I'm know, I'm lazy), I have created a collection of some of these blogs, hosting their posts (and including links to their blogs) in a single collective site which I have called

Why not pop over and take a look - and if you like what you see, go to the individual blogs featured to get in touch with the writers.

And if you have any ideas for other blogs we could or should add to the feed, let me know!


  1. A great idea, I love reading other expat blogs. Thank you for including me.

  2. Though I am well rooted in my own country I do spend about four months of every year in Melbourne Australia. I love to read about expat blogs and the way they have adapted etc. thanks for the links.

  3. I'd love to be involved! Thanks! Brit in NZ since 1997.

    Blog is Catching the Magic -