Wednesday, 10 November 2010

World in a raindrop - The Gallery: Seasons

Here in Greece, we don't get much rain during the long, hot summer so by the time early autumn swings by, Mother Nature is gasping for a drink. And when the rain does eventually come, it sits like diamonds in the nooks and crannies of leaves.

True, we don't have the spectacular sight of whole forests of flame coloured maples and oaks and I still miss shooshing through the fallen leaves while hunting for the best conkers - but the autumn showers does treat us to a few worlds in a raindrop.


This post is my latest offering to The Gallery in which the lovely Tara at sets us themes for a photo essay every week.
I'm slightly amiss in joining in every week, but surely you must know by now - I mean well, but....


  1. Wow! Amazing raindrop photos! Well done you!

  2. Lovely close ups, I love looking at dew on spiderwebs and leaves etc :)

  3. What absolutely beautiful photos!

    Here in Glasgow the rain is too relentless to hang around looking beautiful like this!

  4. Great photos...and just remind me..sun? what is that again?

  5. Oh, that first photograph is so beautiful - but makes me very thirsty too - Friday night here in NZ; shall have to go pour myself something!

    Just dropping in from 'The Gallery' and love the set up of your blog.

    So enjoyed your beautiful photographs.

  6. i miss the rain from my birth country - in crete, we get it rarely, and by the end of summer, we are as dry as tinder
    as usual, very inspiring nature photos...